Mandatory Reporting For Third-Party Administrators

The following list of required industry reports is provided by the Department of Business and Industry, Division of Insurance. The list is not all inclusive. It is the responsibility of each third-party administrator to know Nevada’s laws, regulations and bulletins as they pertain to an individual company license. It is also the responsibility of each entity to adhere to reporting laws, regulations and bulletins that become effective after this list has been distributed. Please note that as of January 1, 2023 we will no longer be sending e-mail reminders for the required annual report. All questions regarding annual reports should be directed to TPAmail@doi.nv.gov.

Reporting requirements for TPAs in Nevada include:

In addition, TPAs with TPA4-Workers' Compensation qualification administering Nevada self-insured workers' compensation must cooperate to provide:

    6. Self-insured employer annual report—due September 30 (NAC 616B.460)

    7. Self-insured employer examination—per Division schedule (NRS 616B.336 and NAC 616B.442)

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